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"Arcoro has all the HR modules and reporting we need. Add the integration with Sage and it's helping us move away from paper tracking, increasing accuracy and efficiency in our departments."

- Troy Sporlander,
Environmental Landworks Company

Together, we help contractors:

Too often, we see construction companies backing out of projects and delaying completion dates because they don't have the right - or enough - people. If this sounds familiar, Arcoro and Techware are here to help.

Arcoro, Techware and Sage combine proven technologies to help construction leaders build and manage powerful teams.

Find skilled employees with the Construction Career Board, powered by Arcoro
Onboard new hires in the field and connect employee data to Sage
Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry efforts
Reduce the risk of error by ensuring a consistent and compliant process
Enable teams with the right information for good decision making
Integration Summary

Arcoro’s proven cloud-based, modular HR software now offers a near real-time connection with Sage.

Easily capture and update employee data in your Arcoro HR software and keep your employee data up-to-date in Sage, without any manual data entry.

This powerful integration lets you hire, manage, and grow top talent, streamline your onboarding and accounting processes with Sage, and gain greater insights into how you can ensure project success.

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