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  • Easily turn building model information into production level estimates
  • Use only one integrated platform to take off dimensions and quantities from both 3D and 2D content
  • Eliminate time-consuming, disjointed take-off processes that can lead to errors
  • Depend on an audit trail that takes you to the 2D or 3D source of every estimating component
  • Quickly provide cost feedback and strategy to owners and the building team


For estimators, building information modeling (BIM) offers a way to provide more reliable feedback and cost saving strategies much earlier in project planning. But there is a catch. Creating detailed estimates from models (also called 5D BIM) is often a fragmented, time-consuming process.

No more. Sage has partnered with Autodesk and eTakeoff to integrate BIM and estimating so you can more easily produce model-based, production-level estimates. It’s a whole new approach to 5D BIM.

Speed up takeoff from models

eTakeoff Bridge for Sage Estimating plugs into Autodesk Navisworks to electronically link a project model with an estimate. With Bridge, you simply drag and drop objects from the model to the correct assembly of items in the Sage Estimating database. Review the takeoff details, modify if needed, even add notations. Then send the information to your estimate—all without leaving the model.

As you take off each object, its properties (such as the length and height) are automatically mapped between the estimate and model. So anytime you take off the same type of object, like another 2x4 stud wall, the estimating information instantly populates. Even better, you can tell Bridge to find every 2x4 stud wall in the model, allowing you take them all off in one fell swoop. It’s that simple.

Easily put objects into your estimating structure

In many cases, authors of models don’t have the knowledge to describe and organize objects in ways that follow your estimating standards. The result: You spend way too much time redefining and moving objects into your estimate structure. With Bridge, objects are moved during takeoff to the standard structure you’ve set up in your Sage estimating database.

Visualize your takeoff

Want to get a good picture of what still needs to be taken off? Just tell Bridge to “hide” everything that has already been sent to the estimate. The model will display only the objects that still need to be assigned. And you can be completely confident you didn’t miss anything.

Combine 3D and 2D takeoff into one estimate

Most models don’t have all the details you need for estimating. In the past, that often meant a complex workflow and a completely different takeoff tool to get the supplemental information you needed. Not so with Bridge. It takes just seconds to switch from the model to 2D drawings that can supply more details. Bridge provides one common platform for both 2D and 3D content. Period.

Know where your numbers came from

From your Sage estimate, you can always trace back to the source of an item or assembly. The tight integration between Sage Estimating, e-Takeoff Bridge, and Autodesk Navisworks lets you drill all the way down to the exact location on the model or 2D plan.

Respond swiftly to design changes

There is one guarantee in estimating: the design will change. And when it does, you don’t want to hold up the process because of time-consuming estimating work. Bridge lets you easily compare any changes to the model or 2D drawing with the most recent takeoff, so you can quickly provide estimate updates as the design progresses or whenever change orders come in.

Learn only one tool to get the job done

The majority of your takeoff work is probably still from 2D drawings. Then why waste time learning another takeoff tool that only works with models. eTakeoff Bridge for Sage Estimating is designed for full-time estimators, whether they work with 2D digital drawings, 3D models, or a combination of both.

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